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Fortunately, this frank, witty guide lets world-explorers fight back against their invisible assailants.

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A noted traveler and writer, Dr. Wilson-Howarth explores such issues as sanitizing unhealthy water, safely consuming exotic foods, avoiding dehydration, keeping good hygiene on the road, and immunization. A special section details the dreaded creatures -- spiders, leeches, worms -- that can put any tour into a tailspin. Jane how to pee down a ceramic hole. Such straightforward exchanges pop up in the rarest places, resonate through the most curious connections, all told, serving as refreshing breezes, hopes replenished, in a more than screwy world. Whatever you do, travel.

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Wherever you go, stay healthy. Kathleen Meyer is the author of the international best-selling outdoor guide How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art , with more than two million copies in print, in seven languages. A lifelong outdoorswoman, Meyer lives in an old dairy barn in western Montana with her true love, farrier Patrick McCarron, three useless cats, a nursery colony of seventy-five big brown bats, countless wild skunks, and a Clydesdale mare.

The young American put his head down to the milk-bowl and the milk darkened, from white to grey, as his head blocked out the light. The bowl was half a calabash. He held it in his palms and felt the warmth coming through. There were black hairs floating on the surface and a faint smell of pitch. He tilted the bowl till the froth brushed against his moustache. Then he tilted it again and gulped.

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Traveling is a little hazardous; that is what makes it exciting. But what are the risks? Malaria literally means bad air, the name originating from a time when the disease was rampant in Europe and people got it from venturing into dank, marshy places. No one understood how it was caught; it was a mysterious and feared infection. It is accidents that are most likely to kill you. The highest-risk destinations are tropical Latin America and the Indian subcontinent; North Americans import their diarrhea and dysentery from Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, and Europeans bring theirs mostly from India and Nepal.

You only need to look at the consistency of the brown deposits on the streets of Kathmandu to realize this. The most common form makes you ill for around thirty-six hours then symptoms disappear without doing any real harm, except perhaps leaving a somewhat battle-worn tail end.

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The most common culprit is snappily known as enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli or ETEC to those who know it more intimately. These little blighters produce a toxin that acts in the same way as cholera, stimulating an outpouring of water and salts into the bowel; the result is thirty-six to forty-eight hours of frequent trips to the lavatory to deposit said water and salts. ETEC is the most common but there are others.

There is a range of nontropical, noninfectious causes of diarrhea that are unrelated to travel but may occur in travelers coincidentally. See a doctor if in doubt. The microbes that cause stomach problems abroad are many and varied, yet fortunately for us the prevention strategies and the treatments are similar for most of these.

So where does it come from? All the microbes in this formidable list can be avoided by following similar, simple precautions.

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None of these microbes survives cooking. However filthy the food was when it arrived in the kitchen and however unhygienic the cook has been, thoroughly cooked food will not harm you. Well-cooked, piping hot meals are safe, but food that is lukewarm or has been cooked, allowed to go cold, and then is handled by someone is risky. Cold dishes like quiche, pizza, and savory pies might be a source of Delhi belly if the food has been badly stored or touched with dirty hands.

Meat is more risky than vegetarian dishes, because animals can become infected while they are still alive, and, once slaughtered, flesh is a better environment for the survival and multiplication of harmful microbes than is vegetable matter.

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Salads are often grown in highly contaminated ground people without toilets often relieve themselves in vegetable gardens , and low-growing fruits, especially strawberries, can easily become contaminated by human feces. The most hazardous raw foods are those that can trap filth in crevices and are difficult to clean—lettuce is among the worst. Conversely, smooth-skinned items can be cleaned quite well, so carefully washed tomatoes and items that can be peeled like carrots or radishes are fairly safe.

Washing or peeling is also advisable to reduce the amount of pesticides you swallow.

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